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Individual Coaching:  
Step back and rely on one’s resources and remove obstacles to be able to fully and responsibly engage in actions and optimize one’s performance.  
Notre vision - Paule Boffa Comby
  In a true partnership, a coach accompanies you towards more agility, a real breakthrough and long-lasting efficiency.  

Access responsibilities, establish one’s position, manage one’s team, manage one’s time and better deal with pressure.

Every coaching is conducted in true partnership around co-defined and feasible objectives, and in respect of what you are and the goals you want to achieve.

What is coaching ?

Based on the research of "how? ",coaching allows you to develop your own solutions to achieve your goals:

bullet Take a step back & question your targets, analyzing their impact on all internal & external actors,
bullet Be accompanied in accessing new responsibilities
bullet Communicate better with your team, customers and / or hierarchy.
bullet Optimize your resources and enhance your professional effectiveness.
bullet Develop your co-workers and team so that they become responsible and strong allies.
bullet Better manage your time and stress…
bullet Prevent or resolve conflicts
bullet etc…

As a true partner, a professional coach helps you towards a strengthened personal & professional efficiency consistent with who you are , your values, rhythms and environment.

Choosing one’s coach:

Choosing a coach is an essential element in the success of the approach. Beyond the respect shown to their clients and the ethics clearly displayed, here are some essential criteria for recognizing a professional coach:

bullet The coach has received specific training in coaching and is recognized by the profession
bullet He/she adheres to the ethical code
bullet He/she has a permanent supervision provided by a professional
bullet He/she have done significant work on themselves
bullet He/she continues to train and remains in standby mode to provide a service of high quality
bullet He/she was once a manager during their career and know the rules of the organisation
bullet He/she is aware of the importance of having a rich network of complementary professionals and knows how to use external resources if the need arises
bullet He/she adheres to noble values and ensures to preserve and defend coaching as a profession , demanding and asking real qualities and skills