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Organizational Transformation:  
Supporting actors and dynamics of change to accelerate success and increase the acceptability of the necessary transformations:  
Notre vision - Paule Boffa Comby
  Change is an opportunity to move forward and to gain relevance and trust. Together.  

Change is inevitable in today’s complex, global world. Yet change is often frowned upon, and the uncertainty it generates catalyses fear and resistance, as long as you have not “made the step”.

We help you pass this step, to mobilize all stakeholders and to strengthen and support your actors of change through tailored, coherent, and engaging processes.
We work with you as a true partner, on defining the vision and its implementation by mobilizing the parallel levers of collective intelligence, HR processes and behaviours’ evolution for sustainable and shared success.

Our Walk the TalkTM Methodology:

démarche transfromation Walk the Talk

Examples where this has been applied:

Executive Team Seminar
bullet "Vision" seminar: take a step back and redefine a meaningful and shared vision able to mobilize all stakeholders towards more efficiency and agility.
bullet Accompany the appropriation of the “vision” and strategies of the teams. Facilitate the practical implementation on the field by a methodology accompanying transformations that are proven and comprehensive.
bullet Work on interpersonal relationships within project teams subject to high pressures and challenges.
bullet Strengthen your change actor to enable change to occur

Fusion of Teams
bullet Re-mobilize stakeholders around a shared vision
bullet Disarm potential conflicts before they arise, resolve crises.
bullet Give meaning to enhance motivation and empowerment of your team members.
bullet Develop team cohesion
bullet Develop Collective Intelligence grounded on individual talents.

(re) Revitalization of project teams
bullet Help the team to take a step back, get to constructive questioning and to true cooperation to enable significant advances and avoid installation "habits".
bullet Promote good management of priorities and deal with inherent the stress in any major project
bullet Work on interpersonal relationships within project teams subject to high pressures and challenges.
bullet Empower and strengthen the actors of change that make up the team, to enable them to embody the project.

Make the Diversity spirit/ gender diversity spirit happen
bullet Supporting actors (eg Men / Women / HR) to know themselves and each other better and better understand how to work together.
bullet Decode perceived ideas for everyone to reveal their talents and express their potential.
bullet Learning to make the correct diagnosis, assess the work that remains to promote diversity / gender diversity, as an asset for the team and an added value for the company.

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