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Our Promise: A platform for change!  
Our experience of more that 15 years, in the support of individual transformations, teams or organizations shows us every day that "Change is an opportunity to move forward, gain fluidity, agility, for personal comfort "  
Notre vision - Paule Boffa Comby
  Agility, Innovation, Collective Intelligence, Commitment, Responsible Performance.  

If change often reflects bad press, it is maybe due to everyone spontaneously imagining what they can or will lose instead of focusing on everything they have to win, make possible and to change.

We therefore help you to cross the step, to mobilize all stakeholders and to strengthen and support your agents of change through processes that are tailored, coherent and engaging.

What are the benefits to expect from our interventions?

1. Organizational Transformation
bullet Acceleration and acceptability of necessary changes
bullet Stakeholder engagement and innovation
bullet Ownership and pro-activity orientated on solutions by the different actors
bullet Emergence of operational and practical solutions directly from collective intelligence oriented towards a shared goal.

2. As a Team
bullet Develop team cohesion
bullet Re-mobilize around a shared vision
bullet Defuse potential conflicts before they arise, resolve crises.
bullet Give meaning to enhance adherence and motivation of your staff members.
bullet Develop Collective Intelligence based on individual talents, make diversity a strategic asset.
bullet etc…

3. As an individual :
bullet Take a step back and break the solitude of leadership: question it’s policies, analyzing their impact on all internal & external actors, optimize its resources:
bullet Better communicate with employees, customers and / or hierarchy.
bullet Optimize resources and enhance business efficiency.
bullet Better manage time, stress, conflict, emotions…
bullet Develop leadership, increase assertiveness.
bullet Be accompanied in accessing new responsibilities
bullet Develop employees to become responsible and strong allies.
bullet etc…