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Team Coaching:  
« Supporting a team to find its own answers to the challenges and issues it faces. Making the most of individualities and skills that compose towards a vision and shared goals: Team coaching a true partnership ».  
Notre vision - Paule Boffa Comby
  Developing Collective Intelligence grounded on individual talents.  

bullet Improve interpersonal relationships,
bullet Increase the consistency of views and actions,
bullet Optimize the time and skills of all stakeholders
bullet Increase commitment and cross-sharing,
bullet Give everyone the desire to enrich collective intelligence in order to exceed the sum of individual contributions. Secondly, it can address more efficiently the challenge of an increasingly more complex and uncertain environment, requiring agility, innovation and responsiveness.

Here are some of the areas of application and benefits that you can expect from the results of a coaching session.

Within existing teams or teams being created, this tailor-made approach, combines individual and collective time in a sequence optimized to match your issues and your environment.

Intervention Examples:

Executive Seminars
bullet Strengthen the coherence of the vision and actions to allow engagement of all employees
bullet Optimize sustainable action and collective intelligence.
bullet Work on interactions, prevent or manage conflicts,
bullet Accompany the merger of two entities

Extended Team Seminar (> 20 people)
bullet Allow a better and respective understanding of the roles and needs of different services to enable effective and better cross-sharing.
bullet Develop a shared vision and shared goals to allow ownership and contribution.
bullet Build a customer-orientated spirit.
bullet Lead to operational and practical solutions in a short time space by mobilizing the collective intelligence on a chosen topic.

Team highlights during conventions
bullet Strengthen customer-focused spirit allowing everyone to take ownership, to embody and disseminate it amongst his/her team.
bullet Strengthen the " diversity spirit" and capitalize on individual skills and talents,
bullet Work on the fundamentals of responsible leadership and generate exchange to enable evolution.
bullet Write the "interpersonal and/or operational” rules the team should play by

Enliven project teams
bullet Promote taking a step back, being constructively challenged to enable significant advances and avoid installation of "habits."
bullet Promote good management of priorities and deal with inherent the stress in any major project
bullet Streamline relationships within project teams under strong pressure and difficult issues.
bullet Empower and strengthen the actors of change that make up the team, to enable them to embody the project.